10:00 AM - 10:30 AM (EST)Welcome to the 2021 TechXchange: Retail / Consumer Packaged Goods & ISG Predicts

Welcome to  ISG's Virtual TechXchange: Retail/CPG - an immersive, two-day event that unearths what it takes to prepare your organization for a new era of commerce given the impact of COVID-19 and the promise of a vaccine. Through thought-provoking keynote presentations and interactive panel sessions, attendees will gain insight and a deep understanding of how to optimize your supply chain, monetize your assets, use data and analytics to capitalize on shifts in consumer behavior and implement workforce agility to unearth what it takes to turn today's disruption into an opportunity. ISG's Mike Witty will set the stage for the day, before taking a look at the direction these two industries are heading.

Michael Witty 
10:30 AM - 11:10 AM (EST)KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Offer you Can't Refuse

This last decade has been characterized by the introduction of 4G, social media and mobile services. These technologies have given rise to a new minimum in terms of customer experience. Customers expect ease of use, friendly and empathic staff, omnichannel services and competitive prices. In the years to come, customer experience will reach a whole new level. Naturally, technology (5G, quantum computing, robotics and AI) will play a key role in customer expectations, but it goes way beyond that. Invisible and automatic interfaces will become a necessity but the ultimate ease of use will no longer be enough to come out on top. Automation is but the first step. But what if customers start to have expectations that go beyond convenience? In addition, companies will have to play an active role in their customers’ life journey. As a company how can you help consumers’ dreams come true and eliminate the obstacles in their day-to-day lives? And finally, companies have the opportunity to tackle concrete world problems together with the customer. The world is facing unprecedented challenges: climate, healthcare, government budget deficits, mobility… How can a company involve its customers in the solution to these problems? The combination of automation, being a partner in consumers’ lives and solving actual social issues will be the guiding principles for the successful business of the next decade. For consumers, the combination of all these elements constitutes an offer they can’t refuse.

Steven van Belleghem 
11:10 AM - 11:40 AM (EST)FEATURED PRESENTATION: The Future of Direct to/with Consumer

The pandemic is accelerating massive change in the CPG and Retail industry.  This transformation – at the nexus of tech-enabled disruption and social change – is accelerating the D2C agenda into a more streamlined, data driven, and direct with consumer way of doing business.

The team at Idea Couture - a leading strategic innovation, customer insights, and experience design partner at Cognizant Interactive - recently conducted a global Human-Futures scan unearthing 100+ signals of change to understand the impact of this disruptive shift on the direct to consumer (D2C) model for CPG brands and retailers. 

Maya Oczeretko, Human-Centric Design Lead, will share key insights to help CPG and retail brand leaders effectively capture the opportunity within this challenging time - to create intimate relationships with consumers while reasserting the strategic advantage of scale and distribution. With the crisis accelerating consumers’ demand for value and reliance on digital, now is the time to take advantage of this transformation.

Maya OczeretkoFEATURED PRESENTATION: The Future of Direct to/with Consumer
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (EST)ISG INSIGHTS: The Re-Evaluation of Legacy Operating Models

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, threatening both lives and livlihoods, Retail and CPG companies continue to play an important role: producing essential items we all rely on for our health and well-being. At ISG, we notice five trends that have emerged during the crisis that we anticipate will persist long after its over. From price unstable economic markets, redefinitions of purpose, evolving shifts in consumer expectations and shopping behaviors, to new delivery channels, your organisation has no choice but to adapt in order to ensure your survival. 

In this session, ISG’s Mike Witty will offer the following key takeaways:

  •   Discover the steps you need to take in order to strengthen your position within the market
  •   Understand how to build a resilient supply chain
  •   How to establish a new level of productivity
  •   Set trigger points that drive your organization to act at the right time. 

The right steps will ensure that your emerge stronger from the crisis and be well positioned to success in the next normal. 

Michael Witty 
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)FIRESIDE CHAT: Navigating the Retail Market - Considerations for Operational Stability

UNTUCKit’s Chief Product & Supply Chain Officer, Bjorn Bengtsson joins ISG’s Mike Witty for a captivating conversation about the state of the retail market. With over 30 years in the industry, Bjorn shares his take on the state of the industry and his considerations for key areas of focus for any retailer in today’s climate. 

Key takeaways from this session include: 

  • Redistribution of labor – from the shop floor to customer service 
  • Last-mile delivery in the lead up to Christmas 
  • Managing stock visibility throughout supply chain limitations
  • How to build a digitally native eCommerce company 
  • From COVID-19 to Xinjiang – navigating the next supply chain disruption
  • Upstreaming your supply chain 
  • The growing pressure to become a sustainable brand over the next 10 years 
Bjorn Bengtsson Michael Witty 
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)PANEL: The Supply Chain Capabilities to Win in the Digital Era

You need the right supply chain capabilities to capitalize on new digital revenue opportunities, yet fewer than half of organizations designing digital supply chains are building such capabilities. They are instead focused on closing existing process gaps for short-term gain. What are the transformative capabilities essential for digital business success? How do you know what solutions will deliver the most value to your organization? How can you transform data into meaningful insights and potential new revenue streams?

Michael Witty 

These sessions provide demonstrations of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are helping to shape the future of business.

Join us for a live discussion from Cognizant as they discuss: Resetting the Digital Agenda 
With the future unknown, it is imperative to evaluate your technology strategy. Learn how to stop putting it off and implement a strategy quickly.

1:15 PM - 1:25 PM (EST)ISG PREDICTS: Striking the Optimal Balance to Ensure Exceptional Customer Experience

2020 has changed shopping habits rapidly and fundamentally, leaving consumer packaged goods and retail industries to adapt and rise to meet the needs of consumers, who are not only altering what they’re buying, but also how they’re buying. A consumer-focused approach will remain crucial as this crisis continues and consumers make this online world the new normal. Learn how retail and CPG organizations should continue to be vigilant and align with the next generation of the shopping experience.

1:25 PM - 1:55 PM (EST)PANEL: Are you Meeting your Consumers' Expectations? When Virtual Becomes the Reality.

Change in the consumer goods industry is accelerating as online sales continue their rapid growth. With face-to-face consumer engagement becoming nearly non-existent , companies have had to increase the quantity and range of products available through digital technology to meet the growing expectations of what their consumers seek. This new normal creates possibilities for new and small retail entrants to compete against bigger retailers. How can you utilize digital technologies like VR (virtual reality) to give consumers the ability to virtual shop from the comfort of their homes? What actions should you focus on in order to ensure growth in the coming months? Are you taking advantage of the right CX platforms and analytics? And how do you ensure that you're adapting to the ever-changing expectations of your consumers?

Natascha French JOHN WESTFIELD 
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM (EST)FEATURED PRESENTATION: The Pursuit of Sentience - For a Data Driven Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sound great, but what's really needed most? Joe Wilson, Chief Technology Officer -- North America at Workday, argues that engagement is a requirement to bridge from outdated systems of record to aspirational systems of intelligence. By participating in this session, you'll "cross the chasm" between truths we accept within the consumer space and gain insight into what truly matters in the business domain. 

Joe WilsonFEATURED PRESENTATION: The Pursuit of Sentience - For a Data Driven Enterprise
2:30 PM - 2:45 PM (EST)Day One Wrap Up Michael Witty 
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EST)FIRESIDE CHAT: Emerge Stronger From The Crisis

Join ISG's John Westfield and Cognizant's leading experts Rajeev Saraf and Bret Greenstein for a candid interactive discussion. We’ll focus on post-pandemic consumer demands and the new benchmark for what a successful customer journey looks like. We’ll share insights on how to best leverage an ecosystem to support your objectives. You’ll leave the conversation will cross-industry insights, real-life examples of tumbles and successful rides and practical advice on the way forward.

Key takeaways include: 

  • Retail business are fundamentally changing the role that data plays in how they operate and grow. They are not only moving to the cloud, but they are bringing in external data and making data accessible to all stakeholders
  • The pandemic both accelerated that journey and changed it as well, with a greater focus on local insights, external data, dynamic forecasting, and personalization
  • Turn data into a competitive advantage, and use AI to bring meaningful data for faster, better decisions
  • The convergence of IoT, Data, AI, Cloud, and business transformation - a unique moment in the industry and a chance to turn these collective experiences into new ways of working
Rajeev Saraf JOHN WESTFIELD Bret GreensteinFIRESIDE CHAT: Emerge Stronger From The Crisis
10:00 AM - 10:05 AM (EST)Welcome to Day Two of the ISG TechXchange: Retail / CPG Event Michael Witty 
10:15 AM - 10:35 AM (EST)ISG PREDICTS: Driving Business Value Through Agility

Companies looking for competitive advantage can’t afford the lost opportunities and inefficiencies that stems from insufficient collaboration, disjointed data and outdated systems. Agile retailers not only serve their customers better but they are able to quickly innovate and have a better chance of winnings against their digitally native competitors. What steps should you take to build a more nimble business for the future?

Ola Chowning 
10:40 AM - 11:10 PM (EST)PANEL: Agility is Competitive Advantage

Getting innovation to market faster while controlling costs is the path to profits and growth. The strength of a digital organization is not how it conforms to standards but its capability to learn, adapt and execute quicker than the competition. How do you scale agile culture and practices across retail and CPG organisations?   How do you leverage technology to speed up product lifecycles? How should data be used to make the best decisions about your products and supply chain?

Missy Lawrence John Armbrecht Vijay Verma Jim McLaughlin Sanjay VenkateshPANEL: Agility is Competitive Advantage
11:25 AM - 11:55 AM (EST)FEATURED PRESENTATION: Enabling a Resilient Future Through Workforce Agility

As retail industry comes out of a disruptive year, managing the workforce, reskilling people at scale and managing costs has become a key imperative for retailers across the globe and more so in the United States. An agile workforce with cross-skilled associates can drive not only retention and productivity, but also enable new opportunities for engaging customers. However, this requires sustained investment in people, processes and tools across the lifecycle of customer and people engagement.  Wipro has worked with global retailers to enhance their workforce agility, giving them the right competitive edge to navigate the retail disruption. 

Deviprasad RambhatlaFEATURED PRESENTATION: Enabling a Resilient Future Through Workforce Agility
11:55 AM - 12:25 PM (EST)FIRESIDE CHAT: A Workforce Fit for the Future

In this session, Christine Putur, EVP of Technology & Operations at REI Co-op, shares REI’s learning journey as they focus on creating optimal conditions for teams to do their best work. They are driving towards a hybrid way of working, connecting and belonging.  As part of their learning journey they are re-examining everything from cultural and behavioral norms to policy, technology, and operational practices. Given the current dynamic environment, REI has established guiding principles to inform decisions as they test and learn into a new way of working; they are excited to both share their story and to learn from others in the industry.

Christine is a seasoned leader in the retail industry with a focus on leveraging technology to drive revenue growth, continuously improve the customer experience and leverage operating costs. Ms. Putur was previously EVP CIO at Coach, Inc., a leading New York design house of modern luxury accessories, and prior to that senior vice president and CIO for Staples. 

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM (EST)PANEL: Navigating the SHIFT: Accelerating Growth (Seamless, Human centric, Intelligent, Future ready, Trusted and safe)

As the world emerges from the pandemic and evolves into a new normal, Retail & CPG remain at the forefront of innovation, agility and change. Shifting customer demand, altered spend patterns, last mile delivery challenges, and reimagined workforce paradigms are here to stay. Retailers must simultaneously focus on the twin objectives of short-term recovery and long-term success by building resilience within their organizations, strengthening partnerships with networks and ecosystems, and develop new and sustainable business models. It is time to accelerate digital initiatives and galvanize consumer engagement. 

Wipro believes that the SHIFT framework (Seamless, Human centric, Intelligent, Future ready, Trusted and safe) will accelerate growth for the retail and CPG industry providing convenient and personalized experiences shoppers and associates have come to expect, while increasing innovation, relevance, and trust in the ecosystem. 

We invite you to this panel discussion to discuss with how you are navigating the SHIFT in your enterprise (across omni-channel, stores, supply chain and merchandizing) making investments in new technology initiatives and process improvements to drive profitable growth and provide unmatched convenience to shoppers.

Sruti Patnaik Deviprasad Rambhatla Jeffrey RoemerPANEL: Navigating the SHIFT: Accelerating Growth (Seamless, Human centric, Intelligent, Future ready, Trusted and safe)
1:35 PM - 2:05 PM (EST)INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT PRESENTATION: One in a Million - Personalizing Customer Engagement in a Socially Distanced World

As the CX world adjusts to a new state of being, fueled by social disruptions without and rising customer expectations within, how can you build an infrastructure that makes your customers feel like they're one IN a million, not one OF a million? We'll discuss tactics and strategies for championing greater levels of personalization in customer engagement, both technological and personal. We'll also discuss strategies for empowering and inspiring your customer support frontliners to deliver the best of themselves in every customer interaction.

1:55 PM - 2:10 PM (EST)FINAL THOUGHTS: Turning Notes into Action

After two days of great content, what do you do with it? We'll provide guidance on what your next steps should be to prepare your organization for what's NEXT!

Michael Witty 
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