FIRESIDE CHAT: Emerge Stronger From The Crisis
Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Rajeev Saraf JOHN WESTFIELD Bret Greenstein

Join ISG's John Westfield and Cognizant's leading experts Rajeev Saraf and Bret Greenstein for a candid interactive discussion. We’ll focus on post-pandemic consumer demands and the new benchmark for what a successful customer journey looks like. We’ll share insights on how to best leverage an ecosystem to support your objectives. You’ll leave the conversation will cross-industry insights, real-life examples of tumbles and successful rides and practical advice on the way forward.

Key takeaways include: 

  • Retail business are fundamentally changing the role that data plays in how they operate and grow. They are not only moving to the cloud, but they are bringing in external data and making data accessible to all stakeholders
  • The pandemic both accelerated that journey and changed it as well, with a greater focus on local insights, external data, dynamic forecasting, and personalization
  • Turn data into a competitive advantage, and use AI to bring meaningful data for faster, better decisions
  • The convergence of IoT, Data, AI, Cloud, and business transformation - a unique moment in the industry and a chance to turn these collective experiences into new ways of working